Introducing Viktor the Smart Pillow ! By far the easiest way to reconnect people in need !




Deeply rooted in the local French Tech and addressing the participants of the Silver Economy, Fingertips provides an entire ecosystem to enhance the quality of life of the elderly or people with disabilities. Our objective is to allow these persons to choose home-care instead of hospital stays, and to provide comfort, safety and social interactions to them. Simultaneously, we reduce the costs by eleminating the unnecessary hospital stays.

Our Philosophy

For most people, technology makes it possible to easily access all the products and services one may look for. Paradoxically, those who are the most in need of this technology are the ones who cannot use it, because of their condition. Indeed, how can you click an image half an inch in height if you cannot even see it ? Or with your arm in a cast ?

Viktor, our smart cushion, is a disruptive innovation able to change the current state of the art and/or conditions of use of technologies, to induce a change in the way of using existing solutions and of consuming home-care services by changing the way of consumption by the user.

Our Story

We all have had to face, at some point, the loss of autonomy of a relative. All of a sudden, after a short hospital stay, you are in charge of someone and must make the good decisions for him, while you were not prepared.

Based on that observation, Fingertips developed its global solution, now available for people losing their autonomy and all the institutions taking care of them (hospitals, care centers or other specialized institutions).


Fingertips, and life goes on.


To feel well in your body and your head.


A batch of functionnalities to simplify interactions with doctors and nurses.


To keep in touch with your relatives and friends.


Viktor is also a good way to learn new things and make fun.

Day-to-day life

To ease everyday life.

Public services

Viktor is an easy way to reach the various public services.

Home automation

Viktor runs your house and all its connected devices.

About Viktor

Viktor : The Smart Pillow

One solution for all

Who is concerned ?
Our Fingertips solutions are intended to :
  • all the institutions accomodating elderly or people with disabilites
  • everyone who is struggling to perform everyday task, because of a temporary or persistent disability

Innovative by its form and content

What is so new about it ?
Our smart cushion ViktorTM is a one-stop window to provide comfort, safety and social interactions to home-care users. It  is connected with your TV wirelessly, so that you get an original interface, able to link all the objects connected in the home, e-health, telephony, and medico-social services. It is a smart cognitive and collaborative platform. All this technology is embedded into a cushion which is comfy, reassuring, unbreakable and adapted to the shape of one’s lap.   Viktor it's Vital !
Contact Us
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    57 Promenade des Anglais
    06000 Nice - France
(+33) 6 31 49 83 81

Want to know more ?

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